HDE Services: Interactive Sessions & Mentoring

Invite yourself to experience a game-changing course correction while interacting and collaborating with Janice through the lens of Human Design

[ this page is currently under construction ~ June 2017 ]


The blank BodyGraph 

:: Readings & sessions :: 

Introduction to Human Design :: first steps & first looks

  • The system and its application to your life :: theoretical & experiential

Choosing an ongoing orientation ::

Living Your Design :: The primary gift of HD


The Nine Centers (colored in) of the HDS

  • Strategy & Authority :: The magic of the surface
  • The De-conditioning Process :: Where, When, How & Results
  • Connection Charts :: Interacting with others in your life
  • Variable & The Four Transformations
  • The Substructure of Color & Tone :: Motivation and Determination
  • Your Life Cycles :: Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, & Kiron Return charts

Studying the System :: The art of theoretical exploration

  • The Journey of the Projector :: A guide for these times
  • Sharing Human Design with Others :: To share or not to share


:: Mentoring ::


Decoding Definition

An exceptionally rewarding way to relate to both yourself and the Human Design System is through self-study along with the support of a like-minded and like-hearted mentor. I offer the opportunity to try this orientation on, to see if you are indeed called to interact with and collaborate with me as a Human Design mentor over a specified period or subject of study and application of study in your life and relationships.