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The Yes That Rests

My friends the journey we are on

is astonishing

The capacity to relax as What Is

breathes in us

Tickling the odds into something

odder still

The Yes that has been resting

as pure Being

Since before and outside of time

whispering ever

Not even the slightest touch of

stern   effortlessly waits

And when it is come upon

just so

I’m not sure what astonishes more

that presence

Or the suddenness of recognition

-There All Along-

Like a bolt of lightning and

lightening both

Takes the breath away aloft

of preoccupations

The preferences forged amidst stress

of polar opposites

And forgetting the stark beauty of

All That Is


What captures our attention

rays of light

Reflecting the prism of the mind

in its dance

Or attention within awareness

as awareness

Where the Yes that rests

as Itself

Needing no argument nor

push against

Opening out even without opening

simply presents

resting in the flux


in the flux


note: sometimes the title is the poem, the complete poem, the title just as it comes. thus, the nature of contemplative fire: sometimes the contemplation burns so brightly, it’s invisible to the outside world.  i invite you to experience this poem in that way, as it may or may not spark something in you or resonate, similarly, with your own invisible burning. blessings, janice